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Artist in residence. Bazel, Switzerland.

"This edition of the CULTURESCAPES festival is embedded in the partnership programme at city level for promoting economic, political and cultural relationships between Moscow and Basel (2011-2012). At the same time it is part of the programme “Swiss Russian Cultural Cooperation 2012-2015”, which supports increased cultural collaboration at national level."  CultureScapes


Artist in Residence, iaab Basel, Studio Arlesheim

"Big cities are the spiritual home of graffiti art. Moscow has MISCHA MOST, one of the most imaginative graffiti artists of the post-soviet era. Today, his artistic talent is well known throughout Western Europe, and not just on the streets. His artwork has gone from building walls to the leading galleries for modern art. Most is not afraid to tackle sensitive issues and is a master of social criticism. He paints messages in large letters and brings city landscapes to life with subtle lines. His art is explicitly defined by <No Future Forever>, a motto intrinsically tied to the British punk scene of the 1980s. Many of his works are based on the defeatist paradigm <consume, work, die>, while Most attempts to explore the ever more complex situations in today‘s capitalist-driven world.

Within a group exhibition (Sa 24. - Fr 29.11., Oslo, Oslostrasse 10, 4053 Basel) of ‹Artists in Residence› of iaab, Misha Most will present his works to the public."  CultureScapes

Press: Oslo 10 exhibition space at Dreispitz, Bazel Switzerland.

Works produced during the residence: 

- "2012" a 20 meter panorama wall

 - 3 "cameras" installed in Basel city parks illegaly.